1. The Priesthood of All Believers: 1st Century Church Life in the 21st Century. Out of print. Available 1 copy. 146 pages. 14€
  2. THE MYSTERY OF GOD -CHRIST ALL AND IN ALL. See the Wonder and Glory of God’s Eternal Purpose! 190 pages. 13€
  3. THE COAT OF MANY COLORS. A story as seen from the eternals. The eternal purpose of God beautifully described by using the Old Testament story of Joseph’s coat of many colors. 64 pages. 7€
  4. The Temple Within: Fellowship with an Indwelling Christ. Today’s Christianity has some serious weaknesses, but none greater than our lack of depth in knowing Christ Himself. We know many things; doctrines, teachings, and theological systems abound! 180 pages. 13€
  5. The Butterfly in You: Discovering Your True Identity in Christ. 142 pages. 13€
  6. The Community Life of God: Seeing the Godhead As the Model for All Relationships. The headwaters for all church life and form is the community life of the Father, Son, and Spirit. This is both theological and practical. The corporate life that God lives by (eternal life) is the same life that He gives to us. This is a life of loving one another and Jesus said that it comes from heaven (see John 17). This community life is both the engine and the fuel for our lives together as believers. 202 pages. 13€
  7. Return to the Wild -MARY RODRIGUEZ. An Allegory of the Journey from Institutional to Organic Church Life. he question that is begging to be asked is; how do we learn to live by the same life that those people lived by in the record of the New Testament? The question is not, what did they do so we can copy it? But rather, how did they live? We are all accustomed to performance based religion and yet changing what we do will never bring about true body life. The rabbit hole goes much deeper than that. 105 pages. 9€
  8. New Day. The New Humanity lives in the New Creation by means of the New Covenant. New Day is a book about the newness of our Christ. His new creation, new humanity, new covenant, new commandment, new law, new wineskin, new Jerusalem, and much more are explored and discovered in a new and fresh way. The narrative reads as a letter from Jesus Christ to us sharing all that He is and all that He has accomplished. This first person style makes the text come alive, is more personal, and more impacting than the standard teaching style. It is written as a letter from the Lord Jesus to you individually and corporately. 170 pages. 13€
  9. The Gathering. A novel by Milt and Mary Rodriguez. Our story follows the journey of ten of these heretics who dare to place Christ and His church at the center of their lives. God calls these out of different situations and organizations by the use of dreams. He is using these dreams and their interaction with one another to transform their lives. This journey becomes very dangerous as they must elude the powerful U.C.M. to arrive at the goal of their dreams…The Gathering. 494 pages. 17€


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