DELIVERANCE FROM FEAR AND FROM SICKNESS -ORAL ROBERTS (1954). The story of the MIRACLE OF THE LENGTHENED LEG. I SAW LITTLE WILLIE LOOKING SO lost and helpless. Something got hold of me, and I entered the room. I said, –Son, do you want to be healed?” Little Willie said, “Yes, sir!” I was too tired to pray, so I just reached out my forefinger and touched his forehead and prayed a brief prayer in the name of Jesus of Nazareth for God to heal the deformed leg of Willie Phelps. Then I left the building. The next day, Willie couldn’t go to school. because his built-up shoe wouldn’t fit him. God had lengthened his leg two and one-half inches overnisht. His mother took him to town and bought a normal pair of shoes, and for the first time in four years he walked without his crutches and with out a limp. Willie arrived at school late that morning and when he walked in on normal shoes without his crutches. he almost broke up the school. He told his class what the Lord had done for him, and the teacher put her head down on the desk and cried like a baby. So Oral Roberts tells in his never-to-be-forgotten style the story of Gods mighty works in Deliverance From Fear and From Sickness.

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