The Second Coming, 24th chapter of Matthew, The 7 weeks of the Antichrist.

While not written in a divisive spirit, this non-dispensational book does challenge some present-day views on prophecy, presenting the older, “fulfilled” view regarding the abomination of desolation, great tribulation, fleeing to the hills, fig tree, etc. Shows that the now-popular “left behind” teachings are not Scriptural.

Explains reasons for believing Daniel’s 70th week pertains to Christ, not Antichrist. What did the Reformers believe concerning the prophecies about the “man of sin” or Antichrist?

While all Christians hold many great truths in common, there are sometimes differences in details, especially when it comes to Bible prophecy. De Haan says that believers will be caught “up into heaven” BEFORE the tribulation period; Oswald Smith says: “There is not a single verse in the Bible that upholds the pre-tribulation theory.”

According to Dake, the New Testament teaches TWO second comings; Fletcher says the New Testament no where teaches two future comings of Christ.

Concerning the Antichrist, some say the Bible plainly teaches that the Antichrist will not be revealed until AFTER the rapture. Others say the Bible plainly teaches that the Antichrist will be revealed BEFORE the rapture takes place.

Concerning the Seventieth Week of Daniel, one side says it is yet FUTURE. The other side teaches it has been FULFILLED. One side applies the Seventieth Week to the ANTICHRIST; the other side to JESUS CHRIST!

186 pages. 10€.

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