Illuminated Torah English Hebrew – Matan Arts (2004)

A beautifully illustrated Torah in the style of illuminated Jewish manuscripts of old. The Matan Arts Illuminated Torah Includes the complete Chumash – the 5 Books of Moses in English (JPS translation) and vowelized Hebrew in columns on the same page. Bilingual edition (Hebrew -English).

The embossed leatherette cover is accented with gold leaf. Printed in Israel.

Dimension 21,6 x33,5 x2,30 cm. 212 pages. Hardcover.

Out of print. Available 1 copy in very good condition as new. Little wear on the edges of the cover. See the photos. 100/ 30,00€ (70%)

FOR ORDERS please contact us in the email: The packages shipped from Greece. We will answer you about the postage cost. You will pay through PayPal.

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