Is the Mormon My Brother?: Discerning the Differences Between Mormonism and Christianity -JAMES WHITE (BETHANY HOUSE)

A Straightforward, Accurate Answer to a Question Once Considered Settled

In Television campaigns, parachurch events, and clergy fellowships all across the United States, Mormons are presenting themselves as mainstream Christians. Is it unloving or backward to say they aren’t real Christians?

In contrast to Christian monotheism the belief in one God Mormonism teaches that God was once a man who lived on another planet and was exalted to the status of God, and that Mormon men can also become gods upon death and resurrection. Is the Mormon My Brother? shows how this fact alone means Mormons and Christians are irreconcilably at odds at faith’s most basic level.

In recent years Mormon apologists and church leaders have waged an unflagging public relations campaign to try to rid themselves of the stigma of being considered a “cult” in the evangelical community -. James White demonstrates in a peaceable yet conclusive way that the divide between Mormonism and true Christianity remains an impassible gulf.

Dr. John MacArthur, Senior Pastor, Grace Community Church

The first act of love in reaching out to Mormons is to demonstrate that we do not worship the same God. In Is the Mormon My Brother? James White powerfully drives home that message.

Hank Hanegraaff, President, Christian Research Institute

As Mormonism continues to remake itself and adjust its public image, evangelicals need to be even more aware of what is happening and why. Here is a useful, accessible, well-written resource that will help Christians sort out the growing misunderstanding of Mormon faith and practice.

Dr. John H. Armstrong, President, Reformation & Revival Ministries

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