LIE OF THE TITHE -R. JOHNSTON (SIMPLE TRUTH). The One Book Your Pastor Hopes You Never Read! Once You Read This Book You Will Never Be Able To Scripturally Pay Tithes Again! A Hard Hitting Confrontational Exposure of The Pulpit and The Televangelist. Power Packed with solid biblical proof that the Church’s Practice of Tithe Collecting is as far from the Truth as Black is from White. Every Pulpit Lie is exposed! Guaranteed to Challange Your Faith! Guaranteed To Drive Your Heart To God! Guaranteed to Change Your Faith Forever! Many who have read this book walk away wondering if they even know God At All! The Author is so sure about the Life Changing Truths Contained within these pages that he keeps a “Standing Offer Of 100 Times The Price Of The Book If Anyone Can Prove It Wrong By Taking The Tithing Challenge.” Biblical scholars have tried for years to Prove It Wrong and Cannot! Every Tithe Collecting Leader Failed To Pass The Tithing Challenge! See if you Can!

252 pages. 1,00€ 2 copies avalaible

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