Mormons in Transition -LESLIE REYNOLDS (BAKER)

Beginning with a general overview highlighting the difference between the LDS church and traditional Christianity, the book then moves right into selections from Ms. Reynolds interviews with Mormons as well as former Mormons. The focus is on the reasons a person begins to doubt the church, where that path leads them and, for some who converted to traditional Christianity, then shows the reality of what a difference having a personal relationship with Christ can make in their lives. The author does a good job of maintaining an unbiased, objective attitude, “My intention in quoting from these interviews is neither to confirm nor agree with the observations of the respondents but to record and describe their experiences in a context that can make their transition from the LDS church understandable”.

For the questioning Mormon, and for those non-Mormons who want to know more about Mormonism, this book is a valuable resource. Mormons in Transition is well documented with extensive notes and bibliography. An additional feature is a glossary of common terms with the LDS and, where appropriate, Christian definitions.

158 pages. Available 1 copy. 17,00 / 5,00€ (70%)

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