New Testament Church Dynamics -Stephen Atkerson (New Testament Reformation Fellowship 2018)

A Leader’s guide to biblical growth and planting.

What is the ideal ecclesiology for small-church and bi-vocational pastors? Shepherding, teaching, and disciple making require hard work. Learn how your small church can have a BIG impact within the framework of early-church practice. Every New Testament church letter was written to an illegal congregation that met secretly in a private home. The norm was for pastors to be bi-vocational. The ecclesiology presented in the epistles was thus designed for disciple making in smaller settings. Using these inspired apostolic practices, believers were effectively taught to obey all that Jesus commanded. The result was that the Church spread like yeast throughout the nations of Roman Empire. You can’t play baseball in a forest. It could be played on a football field. It is best played on an actual baseball field. So too, we believe that the best setting for shepherding is in the context of first-century ecclesiology. The close relationships that develop will allow for personalized discipleship. New Testament Church Dynamics details what both the Scriptures and the scholars have to say about dynamic New Testament ecclesiology, plus how to apply it today (based on our thirty-years’ experience). 125 pages. 5€

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