Now That You’ve Been Baptized in the Spirit -Donald Gee (Gospel Publishing House 1978)

The test of a man’s soul is when he is alone with God.
Questions we must need and perhaps fear the answers to:

  • Have some who thought they had the baptism really had it after all?
  • What is the real Baptism? How will know it?
  • What is the sanctification? Whom has God chosen and why?
  • What is the true significance of speaking in tongues?
  • What is the prayer and how can I truly make it a fulfilling part of my life?
  • How can I plan my life?
  • We know of Jesus’ special temptations in the wilderness, but how do we handle the wilderness in our own lives?

A great Christian open the doors to triumphant living in this extraordinary work. This living testament of the world-famous late Donald Gee will refresh and inspire a new generation of seekers after God’s truth and salvation.

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