Sharing Groups in the Church -ROBERT LESLIE (ABINGDON PRESS 1971)

An Invitation to Involvement. Drawing on insights from group dynamics and group therapy as well as the Christian faith, this book asserts the strategic importance of small groups for making the church more relevant to contemporary life. It gives specific guidelines, examples, and several case studies for the development and clearly structured activity of sharing groups. Such groups are expected to be able to function successfully with nonprofessional leadership, while the pastor acts principally as recruiter, trainer, and supporter of lay leaders. The role of group centered concepts within study group settings is considered, followed by typical processes involved in creating new groups. Samples of dialogue from a married couples’ group and a university students’ group are examined. Techniques are suggested for building a supportive group climate and facilitating progress in interpersonal sharing. Two course outlines, 13 references, and accounts of the small group component in the ministry of Jesus and in early Methodism, are included. USED. 222 pages. 22/ 8€

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