Transcripts from the online Bible School teaching, miracles, healing, descipleship. BOOK BLOCK 1. INTRODUCTION. Lesson – one: Come out of the Box. Lesson – two: Religion or Jesus. Lesson – three: The Book of Acts. Lesson – four: Knowledge or obedience. BOOK BLOCK 2. HEALING AND PREACHING. Lesson – five: Preaching and healing. Lesson – six: Kick-start your Christian life. Lesson – seven: Repent and be baptised. Lesson – eight: How to share the gospel. BOOK BLOCK 3. SALVATION. Lesson – nine: Saints or sinners. Lesson – ten: Be baptised for the remission of sins. Lesson – eleven: Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Lesson – twelve: Led by the Holy Spirit. BOOK BLOCK 4. KNOWING GOD. Lesson – thirteen: When you fast. Lesson – fourteen: Is God Holy or loving or both. Lesson – fifteen:. New and old covenant. Lesson – sixteen: Free from the law. BOOK BLOCK 5. BEARING FRUIT. Lesson – seventeen: Reformation of the church system. Lesson – eighteen: Jesus vision for the church. Lesson – nineteen: Now is the time to do it. Lesson – twenty: The Reformation has begun. Total 711 pages. Cost of printing only. Each volume 3,50 euros. Total set 5 books 17,50 euros

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