There Must Be More. Titan Collectible By Frank Viola

Frank Viola’s Titan Collectible. Contains over 385,000 words of some of Frank’s best and most controversial writings that have never been printed before. This is the detailed follow-up to Pagan Christianity (2008) by Viola and Barna.

Limited Edition Souvenir and Keepsake. 

Here are some of the needs and struggles the book addresses and offers solutions for:

  • Embracing a view of the baptism of the Holy Spirit that’s neither the Pentecostal view (tongues is the evidence) nor the cessationist view (the gifts of tongues no longer exists).
  • How to deal with worry and stress in ways that actually work.
  • For those in Christian community (or desire to be in one). How to handle the countless problems that will come up, which detract you and the others from experiencing the centrality and fullness of Christ.
  • If you are in a leadership role (or plan to be) and want to avoid the numerous pitfalls that come with leadership: How to lead with impact and glorify Christ in the process.
  • The problem of lacking mentors in the deeper things of God.
  • Struggling with spiritual loneliness and lack of community.
  • Struggling to understand what the kingdom of God is exactly, and how to live in it now.
  • Lacking an understanding of the Bible and knowing how to read it with profit.
  • Opening the Bible and only seeing “blank” pages.
  • Struggling with distractions and the influences of the world.
  • Struggling with compromising with the world’s false narratives because of fear of persecution, being labeled haters, bigots, intolerant, closed-minded, idiots, and losing friends.
  • Struggling to find your purpose in the world.
  • Struggling with time management.
  • Understanding how Christ-centered community works and the problems associated with it.
  • Understanding what the Bible teaches about leadership and discipleship, exposing the false ideas around both issues.
  • How to have a deeper experience of the Holy Spirit and His power and gifts, without getting wacked out or going off the rails into unscriptural ideas and experiences.

Printed in the USA.

Dimensions: Over 8″ x 11″. Cover: Hardcover. Pages: 800
Weight: Very Heavy. Sewn binding. Two-color text (black and green).

Includes extra the index of this titan volume. Out of print. Available 1 copy. 170€

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