TIGGER -ANNUAL 2002 -DISNEYS. Disney’s Tigger annual for 2002 offer puzzles, stories, rhymes, colouring, games and well-presented factual information. Stories, from Pooh flying a kite to Roo playing with a ball, are the starting point for drawing, colouring-in or counting games. An emphasis on keeping fit will introduce children early on to basic exercising, while “nature notes” tell children in a fun way about the outside world. Bright illustrations featuring all the Disney characters from One Hundred Acre Wood make the books familiar and accessible. The Tigger annual is aimed at slightly older children than the Winnie-the-Pooh annual, with detailed pages “All about you”. A chance to fill in personal facts will appeal to future young journal-keepers who are just discovering the secret joy of having a book that is all theirs and just about them. “Spot the difference” pictures will also require concentration and observation that younger children may not have. However, with some adult help, the games and puzzles in both annuals can be enjoyed by children from three years old. (Ages 3 to 6). HARDCOVER. 64 pages. 10,00 / 1,00 € (90%)

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